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Your quiz results and free report should arrive in your inbox shortly – be sure to check your promotions tab or spam folder if you haven't seen it within the next 10-15 minutes! This helpful exercise should give you an idea of the things you are doing right – and could be doing differently – to predict your own risk of future cognitive issues.* 

Your participation today proves that you have a dedicated interest in knowing more about your health, your body, and your mind – and that’s so important when it comes to understanding all the ways you can prevent and even reverse the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia.

These questions you just answered were designed by pioneering researchers to help you better understand what causes dementia. These scientists are working tirelessly to reverse the rising epidemic of all types of dementia, including Alzheimer's.

Their research suggests overwhelming evidence that knowing the risk factors for the disease — and what to do to reduce your risk — is one of the most powerful weapons against developing Alzheimer’s, and even reversing this horrendous condition.

In fact, what you do TODAY can save you from having to suffer from Alzheimer’s tomorrow. The key is to get educated by the very best sources you can – and we’ve made doing that as easy as it gets.

That's why today you're invited to view the FREE brand-new 10-episode video event, Brain Health Breakthroughs – the latest installment in the groundbreaking Awakening from Alzheimer's video series that was the FIRST to report about the world's first Alzheimer's survivor all the way back in 2016.

Watch the inspiring preview trailer on this page, and enter your name and best email address below to register to watch online, starting November 11, 2022!

Enter Your Name & Email Below to Join Us November 11, 2022 to Watch the World Premiere of Brain Health Breakthroughs

Join Us as We Celebrate 10 Years of Healing with the
 Who are Inventing the Future of Brain Health!

From the producers of the acclaimed series Awakening from Alzheimer's and Regain Your Brain comes an all-new, online, FREE video event featuring one-on-one interviews with the world's leading brain experts who are inventing the future of brain health…

Register now to join your host Peggy Sarlin on Friday, November 11, as she kicks off the premiere of Awakening from Alzheimer's: Brain Health Breakthroughs. Featuring brand-new video interviews with 10 of the world's leading minds in Alzheimer's and dementia, you'll hear everything about the latest breakthroughs in prevention and recovery – even reversal – of cognitive decline as they share stories and strategies behind what's really working NOW. 

And the best part is – the entire 10-day event is totally free to view from the comfort of your own home… 

A decade after the publication of the original book, Awakening from Alzheimer's, the field of brain health has exploded with new breakthroughs. Today, hundreds of medical doctors are practicing powerful new brain healing techniques resulting in lasting improvements for real people, just like you. And in the biggest proof of all, a growing number of dementia patients are walking around, enjoying full, normal lives. It's a landmark time in Alzheimer's research, and the verdict is in…

No matter what your age, no matter what your health

If you are concerned about Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, if you are caring for a loved one affected by this disease, or if you simply want to protect your mind before issues arise… you simply cannot keep waiting on the empty promise of the next failed “miracle drug” to make the headlines. There are things you can and should be doing today to secure a healthy, independent future. 

This complimentary video series is something everyone needs to watch, regardless of your age or health (or even your genetics)!

Register now to watch this totally free, 10-day online video event by entering your name and best email address on this page, then join Peggy on November 11th for the World Premiere of Awakening from Alzheimer's: Brain Health Breakthroughs!

Enter Your Name & Email Below to Join Us November 11, 2022 to Watch the World Premiere of Brain Health Breakthroughs

A Decade of Breakthroughs Made Public for the Very First Time!

In 2012, Peggy Sarlin's book Awakening from Alzheimer's was the first publication to offer new hope for preventing and treating Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss. In 2017, we premiered the video series of the same name, breaking the exciting news that a doctor had published the first documented reversal of Alzheimer's disease in a human study.

The idea behind the series was simple: Peggy asked the most innovative doctors and researchers in the field what they were doing to get patients better, and reported the results.

This series returned in 2019 with an expansive sequel, Regain Your Brain, encompassing the latest developments in all areas of brain health, revealing cutting-edge therapies that no one in the mainstream press was yet talking about. Over the past decade, our events and publications have brought a glimmer of hope to hundreds of thousands of families touched by Alzheimer's and the many other forms of memory loss and cognitive impairment.

You're cordially invited to join us November 11 for an all-new celebration of hope…

Brain Health Breakthroughs marks our first video event since the pandemic, celebrating 10 years of progress. It's a landmark time in Alzheimer's research. Despite recent allegations of scientific fraud behind key Alzheimer's theories, there are exciting new studies that point the way forward – you're just not hearing about them!

Once again, Peggy has reached out to the pioneering doctors from some of the country's most prestigious institutions who are changing the way we think about our brain. Join them as they share their latest insights, techniques, and recommendations during this 10 day event.

We are in the midst of a brain health revolution – and you don't want to miss a minute!

Learn from the Best Minds in Alzheimer's & Brain Health Research

Dr Melissa Batchelor

Melissa Batchelor, PhD
Director, Center for Aging, Health and Humanities
George Washington University

Dale Bredesen, MD
Professor, UCLA
Author, New York Times Bestseller,
The End of Alzheimer's

Roberta Brinton, Ph.D.
University of Arizona Center for Innovation in Brain Science

Ryan M. Greene, DO, MS
Principal Medical Advisor,
Monarch Athletic Club

David Haase, MD
Bestselling Author, Founder
MaxWell Clinic

Sid O'Bryant, PhD
Executive Director
University of North Texas Institute for Translational Research

David Perlmutter, MD
Neurologist & New York Times Bestselling Author, Drop Acid: The Surprising New Science of Uric Acid

Heather Sandison, ND
Founder & CEO, Marama
The First Care Facility Dedicated to Alzheimer’s Reversal

Daniel Stickler, MD
Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Apeiron Center for Human Potential

Kat Toups, MD
Author, Distinguished Fellow, APA
Bay Area Wellness

"The Brain Health Revolution is Here and You're Part of It!"

- Peggy Sarlin, Author & Host of Brain Health Breakthroughs

Following the success of Awakening from Alzheimer's and the follow up, Regain Your Brain, we've been overwhelmed with stories from around the world of people successfully pushing back – and even reversing – the progression of Alzheimer's, dementia, and cognitive decline. Way back in 2012, who could have imagined the brain health revolution that would take place over the next decade! But it is here, and today I'm extending this invitation to you to join us for the next chapter... 

There are so many things you should be doing today to help you get smarter, think faster, and remember more!

The good news is, there are many breakthroughs on the horizon that were virtually unthinkable ten years ago. You'll learn firsthand many of these promising developments, as well as all-new techniques you can use right now, in each new episode of Brain Health Breakthroughs.

In this latest "season of hope," you'll discover the latest research into the many reasons why you lose your memory. You'll learn why the "old fashioned" way of thinking about Alzheimer's and dementia has gotten us nowhere... and you'll hear directly from the "state of the art" doctors and scientists that are inventing the future of brain health. These are not fringe ideas or empty promises without the science to back them up. When you watch and learn from the interviews in Brain Health Breakthroughs, you'll hear from the people in the trenches from some of the most revered research institutions around the world...

You'll discover new brain science to awaken your cognitive powers... We've learned so much more about how the brain works in the past decade, the vast majority of which goes unreported by the mainstream news. 

That's why the entire 10-day event is absolutely free to anyone who registers.

Register now for this extraordinary event and empower yourself and your loved ones. We recommend you watch the entire series with as many family members as possible and share this page with everyone you care about.

The event kicks off Friday, November 11. Each day’s episode will be available online for 24 hours, then the next day’s episode will be loaded for viewing.

When you enter your name & email address to register for the event, you’ll receive your personal viewing link each day via email. Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming announcements and further details!

Enter Your Name & Email Below to Join Us November 11, 2022 to Watch the World Premiere of Brain Health Breakthroughs

Here's What Audiences are Saying About the Series...

"You will not see or hear this important information from mainstream medicine. These brave and dedicated people are pushing against the grain to help you and yours. Let's get this done."

– M. Megill

"A wonderful summit that will reverberate in my life and hopefully in lives of many..."

– B. Ingram

"Nowhere can we find a more cumulative and experienced view of what is known about Alzheimer's disease and how to prevent it."

– M. Jones

"This is vitally important information that has been so desperately needed. I'm grateful beyond words."

– M. Anderson

"What a powerfully educational series! Thank you very much. I feel as if I have been studying under the best medical consultants possible!"

– M. Derksen

"This has been a hugely rewarding series of interviews. Every single one has given me new, interesting and useful information. Many thanks to all involved. I feel so optimistic!"

– G. Reels

"Thank you: this was far and above the best online wellness program I have ever heard -- and I have listened to quite a few. Thank you."

– M. Hartsong

"The beauty and legacy of this series is that "there is another way" in treating diseases and illnesses. Thanks Peggy Sarlin and all the team for a job well done!"

– J. Weybright

"This is one of the most important series on brain health I have ever experienced. It's something that everyone should see."

– P. Bozzo

"This is powerful stuff. It's so exciting to know that we have some control over how our lives and brains develop as we age."

– M. Bradley


Enter Your Name & Email Below to Join Us November 11, 2022 to Watch the World Premiere of Brain Health Breakthroughs

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